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Free IAQ Test & Demonstration
We provide customers on-site product demonstration which is free of charge*. During the demonstration, our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) consultants will introduce our products' history and features, as well as explaining the mechanism and operation of the products. For demonstration of air purifying systems, we will also conduct an IAQ test by particle scanner and explain the sources of pollution to clients. Apart from Respirable Suspended Particulates (RSP) measurement, we can also conduct other measurements of IAQ parameters, such as Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), Formaldehyde (HCHO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), etc. According to the actual environment and results of IAQ assessment, our consultant will then provide professional advices and the most suitable model for improving general indoor air quality of your place.

Please call our service hotline at (852) 2815 8388 for appointment of product demonstration and IAQ consultancy services.

* Except Outlying Islands where toll charge is incurred.